About Us

Welcome to our Heart-Centered business: where love and passion fuel success.

At the core of our business lies a beautiful love story - the union of two hearts that beat as one, forming a husband-and-wife team dedicated to spreading love, joy and positivity in all that we do.  We are Coreena and Jeremy, and we warmly welcome you to our Fearless hART world.

In a world that sometimes feels cold and distant, we strive to be a beacon of warmth and positivity. Our business model is more than just transactions; its about forging meaningful connections with our customers and their customers that leaves everyone with a lasting smile. 

Coreena is a soulful leather and mixed media artist whose creations are not just masterpieces of craftsmanship but also gateways to the heart. With a profound sense of empathy and caring, Coreena infuses her art with love and emotion, creating pieces that resonate with people on a deep personal level. 

We are based in Beaumont Alberta, an artistic community where we are blessed to be surrounded by much love and support. 

We believe that love matters most ... all are welcome here.